July 13, 2017

Create Impressions That Inspire With Sizmek Rich Media Best Practices 2017


Want to make your rich media ads the best they can be? We can help. After nearly 20 years of leadership in rich media, Sizmek has a lot of great advice to offer marketers about running effective campaigns. You can take advantage of our experience by following Sizmek’s Rich Media Best Practices, which we’ve just updated to cover the newest formats, new cross-device considerations, and more.

Download Sizmek Rich Media Best Practices 2017, and you’ll discover:

  • Which rich media elements drive the highest performance
  • How to run expandable ads without annoying users
  • Why it’s important to have the right content-to-engagement ratio

From building your strategy to placing your CTA, our tips will help you plan and execute successful rich media campaigns, avoid performance-sapping pitfalls, and hit the engagement sweet spot with your audience.

Download your copy today, or find out more about about how Sizmek will help you create impressions that inspire by contacting your account rep or a Sizmek pro.