June 7, 2017

Cool Creative From REI, Lexus, and Nickelodeon


Break through ad clutter and engage your audience’s interest—that’s an advertiser’s mission. Check out how REI, Lexus, and Nickelodeon did it with smart use of dynamic creative and attention-getting formats. These cool creative ads caught the eyes of the Sizmek team and more importantly—the eyes of these brands’ audiences.

Adventure Awaits in This Responsive Campaign From REI

Creative Agency: Rodale US

Media Agency: Rodale US

Market: NAM

Vertical: Sports

Saddle up, paddle up, or hit the trail, this interactive ad from REI sets you up with just the right gear and expertise on your ideal outdoor adventure.  A great use of the full-screen expandable format, one click opens big and enticing images of four different adventures, each with its own expert field guide. Once you’ve selected your activity, you can check out recommended essentials and click through to relevant partner content. Try it out here.

creativenews060517-1 copy.png

Build a Lexus to Your Liking in This Interactive DCO Campaign

Creative Agency: Team One

Media Agency: Team One

Market: USA

Vertical: Auto

Are you a racy red coupe-type driver or into lush and roomy SUVs? This interactive DCO execution allows users to dream up the perfect Lexus, choosing their model colors from right within the ad, which is then reflected in the color scheme when they go to the Lexus site. Thanks to Sizmek Dynamic Creative, the ad is personalized at every exposure. First-timers are shown the Lexus model most relevant to the publisher or programmatic media placement. Experience this addictive campaign here.


Take a Ride on This Fun Carousel Ad for Nickelodeon

Creative Agency: Mass Motion Media FR

Media Agency: Mass Motion Media FR

Market: France

Vertical: Entertainment

Two ads in one with multiple ways to engage, this branded canvas carousel targets kids on the left and teens on the right with relevant interactive features and content. Each audience can watch a high-energy video or launch a carousel with profiles of favorite characters from Nickelodeon shows. View this punchy ad now.


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