April 12, 2017

Cool Creative From FOX TV, Land Rover, and SNCF


Break through ad clutter and engage your audience’s interest—that’s an advertiser’s mission. Check out how FOX TV, Land Rover, and SNCF did it with high-impact out-stream pushdown video, innovative DCO, and ad selector video. These cool creative ads caught the eyes of the Sizmek team and more importantly—the eyes of these brands’ audiences.

Customize Your Perfect Land Rover in This DCO Campaign

Creative Agency: Spark 44

Media Agency: Mindshare

Market: USA

Vertical: Auto

“I’d like mine in metallic gray with sassy spoilers, please!” This sophisticated, engaging DCO campaign allowed users to select and preview different trim options for each of the different models that Land Rover offers.

What’s great for advertisers in this format is that creative for all the models was contained in a single template, which includes dynamic elements for the car model imagery, suggested retail price, trim options, unique features, and the call to action. There were three different calls to action/landing pages for each model, which were auto-optimized for clicks and conversions, helping to ensure that the campaign got great results as it continued to be served. See the cars get customized here.


Out-stream Pushdowns Up the Excitement for FOX’s “Homeland”

Creative and Media Agency: Mindshare

Market: Portugal

Vertical: Entertainment

All the excitement, tension, and fast pace—with none of the intrusiveness, that’s how this out-stream pushdown unit from Portugal showcased the new season of the pulse-pounding, thriller TV show “Homeland.”

Using Sizmek Ad Builder to author the unit, FOX and Mindshare injected a video ad in the direct line-of-sight of the reader using an out-stream pushdown. The type of ad only reveals itself once it comes into view and pushes down the subsequent paragraphs in the content—the viewer seamless experiences the ad while consuming the content. When the ad scrolls away from the ad, and the ad becomes less than 50% viewable, the video itself pauses. The out-stream pushdown only continues playing once the video becomes more than 50% viewable again.

FOX’s particular execution also unmutes itself when the user mouses over the video area, so they can find out what is going to happen in the new season of “Homeland,” if they want. Once the video finishes, the user has the option to replay. If the user does not take action, it collapses back, and pulls the rest of the page content back up. See all the action here.


Get on Board the Video Ad Selector Welcome Train From SNCF

Media Agency: Mass Motion Media FR

Creative Agency: Mass Motion Media FR

Market: France

Vertical: Transportation

This delightful ad asks you to start your journey by selecting a video. The colorful intro screen greets audiences, announcing that all of Europe is within arm’s reach with SNCF’s high-speed train, the TGV, all at an affordable price of just 30 Euros. The ad selector intro screen encourages audiences to choose a preferred destination, Belgium or Germany, with smiling faces and welcoming arms as well.


Both videos are quirky little stories of travelers arriving at their destination, being greeted at the train station by locals excited to welcome travelers to their home country. Impossible not to smile—making both video selections winners! See the homecoming stories here.

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