January 30, 2017

Cooking Up First-Party Data Solutions


First-party data—lots of talk about how important it is, but it gets confusing just how to harness first-party data to get results.

To that end, the team at Sizmek created this introductory guide, First-Party Data Primer: An Introduction to Improving Campaign Effectiveness, to make it easy to understand—and get more out it. In this new resource, you’ll find:

  • A roundup of the major players involved in leveraging audience data
  • Ways to use first-party data to hone your media and creative targeting for extraordinary results
  • Four of the best-kept secrets about first-party data

Get your copy of the Primer here.

However, the Primer is only one of the new ways Sizmek is helping you harness your first-party data. The tech wunderkinds at Sizmek have also created the newly launched Data Hub, a data-centralizing engine that enables you to pull in your audience segments from your data management platforms (DMPs) and enrich them with first-party data collected from served ads. You can then use those segments to inform your creative targeting decisions on Sizmek’s platform or activate segments on integrated demand-side platforms (DSPs) for audience buying.

Let’s think of it in cooking terms: Essentially, you’re inviting people over to dinner and you need to find out what your guests’ preferences are so:

  1. You can decide who to invite so you have a great conversation
  2.  And also so you know what to cook for them.

For example, you’d probably make very different decisions for dinner parties for your opera-loving carnivores than for your sports-loving vegans—and vice-versa. Data Hub allows you to make sure the “guests” (audience) you invite and the “meal” (creative) you serve are optimized with ease—and you get the best possible results.

Learn more about first-party data by downloading the Primer or find out more about how Data Hub can activate your first-party data in ways you never knew by contacting a Sizmek pro.