Any vertical, niche, topic, or seasonal passion—now you can explore a year’s worth of seasonally relevant contextual categories with Peer39’s new interactive calendar. It’s your month-by-month guide to reaching your most relevant audience when they’re engaged with seasonal content, from holidays around the world to sporting events, travel destinations, cultural celebrations, and more. Click here to go to the calendar.

Here’s how easy it is to use the Peer39 2019 Calendar

Whether you’re targeting your next campaign or planning your entire year, the new Peer39 calendar for 2019 will give you great ideas for reaching your audience in the ideal environments to drive results. Each month highlights significant holidays. When you pass your mouse over the holiday, Peer39’s recommended seasonal, contextual, and interest segments will appear, showing you exactly what you need to choose to make your ads land in the contexts that will resonate the most. For example, for Valentine’s Day, you would choose the appropriate segments shown below:

Month by month, stay on top of holidays around the world

From Golden Week in Asia to the Melbourne Cup Down Under, the new calendar helps you tap into global events and holidays, seasonal travel-related content, and other opportunities to make a real connection with relevant audiences. What’s more, Peer39 can help you keep your brand safe all year long by targeting away from content related to alcohol, drugs, firearms, controversial news, profanity, or other categories that don’t align with your message.

Ready to improve your campaign results? Try out the new calendar now and contact a Peer39 representative to build a smart contextual targeting strategy for your brand.