July 12, 2018

Back-to-School and Contextual Targeting—Try It With a Special 20% Discount Offer


More than just about any other sales peak, back-to-school opens up a huge array of opportunities to connect with audiences in context and with real relevance. It’s also a season that requires a deft touch with brand safety, because you don’t want to be aligned with content related to violence, drugs, or other inappropriate subjects.

Contextual categories from K-12 and beyond

Every school year brings a new range of topics that parents and students are exploring and that marketers can tap into. From preschool potty training to elementary-age immunizations to cell phone use in adolescence, shoppers are diving into content related to the people and issues they care most about. High school brings test prep and teen driving, and college generates a whole new set of issues to explore, along with dorm-room supplies to stock up on.

That breadth and intensity of interest makes back-to-school a great time to put contextual targeting to the test. Marketers can choose from a wide array of topical and custom segments to reach back-to-school shoppers in creative and personal ways, driving higher brand recognition, recall, and results. Marketers can also take advantage of specialized segments for brand safety to eliminate inappropriate content from their media buys.

Peer39 is offering  20% savings to try it out

To encourage retailers to take advantage of everything contextual segments can accomplish during back-to-school, Peer39 is offering 20% off all segments on new campaigns in the Sizmek DSP from now until September 30th. If you haven’t tried Peer39 seasonal segments before, this is a fantastic opportunity to try it out and boost Q3 sales and ROI.

As always, Peer39 contextual targeting requires no cookies, opt-ins, or personal data, so it’s GDPR-compliant by design, all year long.

Get the offer now, or contact your Peer39 representative for details.