December 6, 2016

APAC VP Jordan Khoo Shares Views on Programmatic Creative with Campaign Asia


The programmatic creative drumbeat has been steady here at Sizmek for months.

The first of our bundled solutions launched in September, and our account teams have been pulling out the stops to help our clients beef up their programmatic campaigns with much-needed tools and capabilities.

The importance of merging creative engagement with programmatic efficiency is also starting to get more media buzz. Sizmek’s own APAC VP, Jordan Khoo was just featured in an article in Campaign Asia on the state of programmatic in the region and what the publication calls “creative programmatic,” which focuses on bringing personalisation and dynamic elements to programmatic ads.

It’s an article worth reading, in part because it showcases a few brands that are ahead of the game, including Unilever’s ‘Romeo reboot’ campaign for its Axe brand in Brazil. The programmatic campaign comprised thousands of ad versions that used data on users’ musical taste and hobbies to tailor the ad soundtrack and setting.

According to Khoo, Asia is still in the early stages of its programmatic creative evolution – focused primarily on getting technology and infrastructure in place. But in APAC, as elsewhere, he believes creativity will be a necessary development if advertisers are going to get results from programmatic campaigns in the world of ad blockers and increasing competition for mindshare.

“Clients have been given a false choice,” Khoo tells the publication. “It’s not an either/or between efficiency and creative integrity. They should work with tech partners that can support both.”

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