If you could pick just one DSP for all your programmatic needs, which one would you choose? That question was posed to media professionals in the recent 2018 Wave Four Programmatic/DSP Intelligence Report from Advertiser Perceptions, and we’re happy to report that the Sizmek DSP made the top five among more than 20 of the leading platforms. Advertiser Perceptions provides research-based business intelligence to the advertising industry, and this study polled nearly 400 advertising and media decision-makers on their views.

The report covered a range of topics, including what features advertisers look for in DSPs and purchase intent, but when respondents were asked to  choose their preferred DSP and name only one, Sizmek’s AI-driven platform rose to the top.

Delivering what advertisers want

Programmatic continues to grow as a vital advertising channel. At the same time, many marketers are trying to reduce fragmentation by paring down number of vendors they work with and consolidating to the most capable.

According to the Advertiser Perceptions report, audience, targeting and reporting are the most critical drivers for selecting a DSP, along with audience analytics and post-campaign insights delivered by a responsive and technologically competent sales team.

Audience scale has long been a strong point of the Sizmek DSP, and Peer39 assures our DSP users both high-precision targeting abilities and rock-solid brand and fraud protection to go with it. The Sizmek DSP stands out in other ways, too—chief among them our advanced AI, which is always optimizing toward your campaign goals, while at the same time putting the control back in your hands. Its self-learning approach evaluates millions of potential data signals for each impression opportunity to predict its unique value to a campaign. Then, by comparing these predictions to actual campaign results, the AI improves predictions as it goes, rapidly expanding a campaign’s efficiency and scale.

As programmatic continues to grow, the use of DSPs will influence important technology decisions and relationships. With that in mind, we have been listening to advertisers and working hand-in-hand with our agency partners, and can’t wait to share big news about the Sizmek DSP very soon—stay tuned!

For more information on the Sizmek DSP, contact a Sizmek pro.