Like food and wine, good content pairings can make your message more enticing—and to do that, it’s all about getting the context right. 

This post is part of our #AdContext Matters series. 

From recipes to nutrition tips to the latest diet trends, there is a rich abundance of food- and drink-related content on the web. There’s so much content, in fact, that it’s easy for food and beverage advertisers to get lost in the crowd.

The key to achieving visibility and impact is context—piggy-backing on the right content to appeal to your consumer’s immediate frame of mind. Here are five smart ways to use Peer39 contextual targeting to connect with audiences when they are in the ideal food mood.

  1. Target your niche, at scale. While many news sites have a generic food-related section, few have separate subsections for, say, baking, or vegetarian cuisine. You can directly target consumers with those niche interests, however, using Peer39’s dedicated Food and Beverage taxonomy. With Peer39, you can hone in on specific content across a wide range of websites to amplify your relevance.
  2. Target foodies, the early adopters of the food world.  Those adventurous eaters we like to call foodies are often interested in what’s new—new recipes, new brands, and new products.  Target them with Peer39, and your ads will run alongside new restaurant reviews, info on food and wine festivals, and other inventory where hard-core food fans dwell.
  3. Think health and fitness. Vegan, gluten-free, organic, paleo—audiences interested in the latest diet trends are often big consumers of health and fitness content.  Categories like Peer39 Health > Diet & Fitness or Interest > Health Conscious will put your ads in front of consumers hungry for healthy eating options and advice on how to good nutrition helps you lose weight.
  4. Nab seasonal opportunities.  Holidays mean parties, and parties mean food and drink.  Before the Big Game, Oktoberfest, or Thanksgiving, party hosts are online looking for ideas, recipes, and ways to impress their guests.  Target any of Peer39’s 25+ seasonal categories, and your food and beverage brand will appear across a wide range of topical content.
  5. Use versioning to cross segments. Your target consumers (and products) may fit into multiple categories—health-minded foodies, for example. With Peer39, you can target multiple contextual categories at once for your pre-bid buy (using OR logic), and then use creative versioning to pair the right message or image with the right context.

The web is without a doubt the go-to resource for consumers when they have eating, drinking, and health on their minds. But with so much content out there, food and beverage brands need to carefully leverage context to rise above the noise, stay relevant, and optimize budgets.

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Zach Schapira