Question: When are people more likely to engage with your automotive brand?

This post is part of our #AdContext Matters series. 

When they are:

  1. reading about celebrity gossip
  2. reading about last night’s game
  3. reading about cars

Hint: The answer is not (a) or (b). 

At this point, we all know the “right message, right person, right time” aphorism.  But if the key to “right messaging” lies in the creative, and the key to “right person” lies in the user data, how can automotive advertisers find the “right time?”  

One way is to reach users when they are in the right mindset to receive your message – and the content that they are reading at any given point in time provides a pretty good indication of that mindset. That’s why it’s a winning strategy for auto brands to use information about a page’s context to either buy media or inform dynamic creative decisions.

Here are four practical ways that automotive brands can use Peer39’s contextual targeting to achieve “right time” and connect with their consumers:

  1. Target content about your own brand: Peer39 has contextual categories identifying over two dozen manufacturers.  That means that by applying one rule, you can buy ads on pages where your brand is already being discussed.  Whether it’s a product review, coverage in the news, or insider discussions in an automotive forum, buying that content gives you the opportunity to be part of the conversation.
  2. Target content about your competitors: In a similar vein, automotive brands can specifically target pages discussing their competitors, with pointed messaging identifying relevant differences.  
  3. Stay safe from subjects bad for your company: Peer39 has a pre-build “Safe for Auto” segment that when targeted, will keep the buyer off of all sorts of objectionable content such as vehicle recalls, safety concerns, commuting hassles, and gas prices.  One bad juxtaposition between your brand and a negative story can turn off a consumer forever.
  4. Join the conversation. Beyond manufacturer-specific segments and safety segments, Peer39 also offers more in-depth automotive categories such as buying and selling, insurance, maintenance, and hybrid cars.  Targeting to these segments with a clever message goes a long way to increasing relevance and resonance for your brand.  For example, while auto maintenance content might be a good opportunity to tout a manufacturer’s free maintenance package, articles about buying and selling cars might be a good backdrop to emphasize your brand’s higher resale value.

Context matters, and automotive brands can use Peer39’s tools to make that well-known aphorism come to life: Increase the likelihood of reaching the right users at the right time with the right message.

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