Finance can be heavy stuff to read about, but there’s still room for contextual creativity.

This post is part of our #AdContext Matters series. 

Consumers take financial products seriously, which is why financial marketers often tend to stick to the tried and true trade websites and retargeting audiences when it comes to advertising online. But that represents an extremely small pool of potential customers and staid and static is not the only way to connect with financial consumers. Contextual targeting provides you with ways to safely connect to the right users in the right tone, yet also engage in a personalized way.

Here are four reasons why every financial services company ought to consider using Peer39’s contextual targeting to connect with their consumers:

  1. Reach people while they’re reading about personal finance anywhere. Peer39 has individual contextual categories for personal credit and loans, health and life insurance, and investing as it relates to stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), foreign exchange (Forex), retirement planning, and taxes.  A person reading that type of content is likely looking for tips, searching for recommended services, or figuring out the best way to achieve their financial goals.  For an ad offering 300 commission-free trades, these pages are a no-brainer, while a celebrity gossip site is likely a waste of money.
  2. Use Dynamic Creative to send the ideal message. You may already be buying specific audiences or even buying the entire Peer39 > Personal Finance taxonomy.  But even within those categories, there is vastly different content covering very diverse subjects. By using Peer39 contextual targeting at the creative level, you can tailor each ad to match the subject of the page (and thus the interest of the consumer). The call to action can precisely and dynamically match the subject of the page, so you’re not promoting free retirement planning to a user reading about student loans, and vice versa.
  3. Stay safe from today’s negative news. Wall street greed.  Predatory lending.  Bankruptcy.  Gambling addictions.  Topics like these can pop up any time in the news, potentially painting your industry or even company in a bad light.  By applying custom safety categories with Peer39, you can steer clear of negative news coverage that might make consumers uneasy.
  4. Get creative.  Contextual targeting doesn’t mean the page topic must match the topic of your ad.  If you get creative with your targeting and messaging, not only can you reach the right audiences more cheaply, you can also avoid getting lost in a sea of financial-related ads. For example, consumers of content related to infant care or pregnancy are often in “saving for the future” mode. With Peer39, you can buy that content for next to nothing and yet reach the ideal audience of parents looking to open kids’ bank accounts or 529s. Topics related to college admissions, home buying, or online coupons and credit card rewards programs can offer similar opportunities to reach your audience for less.

Being conservative in your financial marketing doesn’t mean you can’t think creatively. Peer39 offers so many ways to protect your brand image, maintain the right tone with consumers, and yet reach them in innovative, relevant ways. Contextual targeting can not only broaden your reach, it can save you money and help you stand out from the financial crowd.

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Zach Schapira