June 14, 2017

4 New Bite-Sized Workflow Boons


When it comes to workflow, it’s the little things that make all the difference. So even though some of these tweaks may seem like minutiae, they add up to major changes in your day-to-day, such as substituting publisher token values for a user’s geo or switching directly from account to account. Find out more about how these small changes make big differences to your workflow.

Prefer Publisher Data Over Sizmek Geo? No Problem

Now on both MDX 2.0 and Sizmek Advertising Suite, you can set up your placement/site to pass back tokens for zip code and/or country code, and Sizmek geo targeting will no longer reference the user’s IP, but will look up the user’s geo based on the publisher token values.

Why would you want to do this? This is useful in cases where the publisher may provide to the advertiser more relevant information compared to what our geo-targeting provides. For example, some advertisers may prefer location data from publishers who collect information about where the user lives versus what our native geotargeting technology provides, which is where the user is currently located. Thus, an auto advertiser, for example, can showcase auto dealerships near where their audience lives, rather than where the user is currently located.

In addition to overriding Sizmek’s native geotargeting capabilities, the publisher-supplied geo-override will also use this data for our geo-reporting.

No More Holdups—Multitask While Your Ad URL Spreadsheets Update in the Background

Now you can import lengthy ad URL spreadsheets, but skip the wait and manually click to save your updates. What’s this mean for you? You can work on other tasks while the import proceeds. The Excel import process now happens in the background, and once the import process has completed and all the relevant placement ads are updated, a notification will appear in the notification center at the top right of the platform. The notification includes an export of the updated placement ads. If there are errors, the notification includes all the errors from the exported file.

Special Instructions Field Added for Prisma Clients

For our clients who leverage Prisma’s integration with Sizmek, we’ve added a Special Instructions field at the placement level for placements created through Prisma’s integration with the Sizmek API. The field is used to “sign” the placement and include information regarding creation date and other key pieces of information.

Direct Account-to-Account Switching Navigation

Now in Sizmek Advertising Suite, you can quickly switch from account to account directly, without having to return to your original account to switch to another account.

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