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Game-Changing Best Practices For Video Advertising
March 16, 2016
With a variety of formats to choose from, Sizmek’s comprehensive video solutions have been used to drive engagement, recall, and other key brand metrics for more than 11,000 video campaigns. As an industry pioneer with nearly 20 years of ad serving experience and a G2 Crowd leader in video advertising, Sizmek has put together these game-changing best practice recommendations to help you get the most out of your video campaigns.


Rich Media Best Practices Guide
January 12, 2015
Tips to Boost Engagement. As a pioneer with more than 15 years of rich media experience, Sizmek offers these best practice recommendations to help you get the most out of your rich media campaigns.


Making it Work in Your World: Dynamic Creative
April 07, 2014
For many online advertisers and agencies, reach is no longer the big challenge, it’s relevance. Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is one of the most powerful tools available for achieving relevance on a massive scale, giving advertisers the ability to leverage user-level data to deliver targeted and meaningful messages to each consumer And while large-scale personalization and targeting was once prohibitively complex, time-consuming, and costly, today’s DCO solutions make it automated and simple enough to deploy for virtually any campaign – with thousands of ad permutations.

Creative Optimization Guide
April 07, 2014
Creative optimization is a powerful tool that can potentially revolutionize the way we manage online display however, as with all new technologies, it is still largely misunderstood and misused. The objective of this document is to provide a practical “how-to” guide that can help advertisers and agencies make creative optimization an integral part of their digital campaigns.

Driving Results with Dynamic Creative
April 07, 2014
In the world of digital advertising, reaching people is no longer the number one problem brands face when they plan a campaign. Ad networks and servers, including Sizmek, offer a range of products that guarantee the reach that advertisers need in today’s media buying environment. However, creating individual ads that take advantage of user level audience data is time consuming and prohibitively expensive for most brands.

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