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Rich Media and Video Benchmarks H1 2016
November 16, 2016
How does your ad performance measure up? Our H1 2016 benchmarks are based on 21 unique formats, more than 2,500 unique unit size combinations, over 1.3 million individual ads, and hundreds of billions of impressions served via the Sizmek platform during the first half of 2016. In this report, you'll find up-to-date performance metrics by format, vertical, and more to help you assess and improve your digital ad performance. 

Sizmek Video Index 2015
November 09, 2015
Online video advertising has grown tremendously—more than 12 times the spending on it since 2012. BUT—the world of online video advertising has been challenging: You have had to cope with inventory quality, content intelligence, and much more. The Sizmek Video Index takes a close look at video strategies that marketers may not be using to their full potential, such as exploring new video formats, taking greater advantage of video intelligence, and finding ways to extend the life of video ads.

Sizmek Mobile Index 2015
November 09, 2015
How many billion rich media ads failed to serve onto mobile devices? What percentage of advertisers has above-average default rates? The Sizmek Mobile Index reveals answers to these questions and more, providing the industry with a meaningful overview of one of the most important segments of the business. Find out about the global mobile market, the growth in inventory, the changing brand landscape, and the performance of mobile ads when compared to their desktop/laptop counterparts.

Sizmek Luxury Benchmarks
October 14, 2014
The following report offers tips based on Sizmek data and expertise for how to use these advanced digital features to enhance your luxury campaigns. We also highlight aggregate engagement data from more than 42 luxury brands worldwide running campaigns on Sizmek MDX from January to July of 2014.

Sizmek Mobile Benchmarks
April 07, 2014
Every day, consumers depend more on mobile technology for their media, day-to-day communications and connections to the world. The proportion of time spent on mobile versus other devices is rising fast. See the infographic here

Sizmek Benchmarks Report 2014: Breaking Boundaries
April 01, 2014
This year, we’re looking back over the last five years of Sizmek Benchmarks, picking our best recommendations and highlighting the 2013 trends in the key regions worldwide.


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