Welcome to the Attention Economy

When in-your-face ads try to get your consumer to buy a burger, car, insurance or any other product, they’re competing for that scarce attention.

Exposure Attention

Most ads are seen, but ignored. Don’t be ignored by your audience. Capture their attention by reaching them at the moments they are most receptive.

Capture Attention

Brand Moments

To break through in the attention economy, turn to Sizmek. Our AI enables you to go beyond simple reach and seek out brand moments. Those authentic connections, created in the ideal context, when receptivity is high, to drive meaningful engagement.

Brand Moments are based on:

Consumer Journey

Consumer Journey: the consumer’s existing relationship with your brand and how far along they are on their purchasing journey may change how you want to tailor your message to them to maximize receptivity.

Engagement Factor

Engagement Factor: everything from the time of day to age to income levels to interests affect engagement levels. Sizmek will take that into account to serve ads to help you capitalize on receptivity.

Placement Context

Placement Context: where consumers see an ad directly affects how they perceive your brand. Reach consumers with the right message based on the content on the page your ad appears.

The Grass is Greener with Sizmek

Our cutting-edge technology puts the ability to find brand moments at your fingertips through our DSP, or let us handle the heavy lifting through our managed service. With Sizmek, you’ll succeed in the Attention Economy

Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing Audiences

We collect over 12,000 attributes and leverage machine learning to predict the ideal audiences for your brand to reach, which drives engagement and loyalty. Leveraging machine learning, we then predict the ideal audiences for your brand to reach, which drives engagement and loyalty.

Premium Inventory

Premium Inventory

Sizmek has the right connections with the right publishers. Our combination of AI and premium inventory puts your ads on the right sites either with private access, on a private marketplace or through your existing inventory deals.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Don’t let the wrong ad placement tarnish your brand. Our predictive marketing capabilities and premium inventory ensure that your messages are placed on publishers that protect and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Start Capturing Brand Moments with Sizmek Today

Sizmek has the brand tools you need to meet your brand goals across all devices and all channels including display, video, and advanced TV. Our brand offerings are powered by our AI, ensuring your ads are shown when your audience is most receptive.


Select from thousands of our always-on deals, create custom preferred deals or optimize your existing deals to reach premium publisher environments.


Show your ads in stream reaching the right people in the right context through our partnerships with Taboola, TripleLift, Sharethrough, Native Ads, and Yieldmo.

Pre-Bid IAS

Bid on impressions that meet your brand safety and viewability requirements in fraud-free environments by leveraging IAS pre-bid targeting.

Audience Guarantee

Audience delivery on age, gender, and geography with the option to only pay for in-target impressions, verified by Nielsen or comScore.


Choose your desired viewability rate to any brand campaign and use us or a preferred partner - IAS, Comscore, DoubleVerify or Moat - to verify.

With Watson

Bring together Sizmek’s AI with IBM Watson’s cognitive technology to buy programmatically at the individual page level based on page sentiment.

Delivering Brand Goals

Delivering Brand Goals in the DSP

Our platform goes beyond other DSPs with predictive marketing tools for forecasting, planning and optimizing premium inventory. Now you can easily set up and run a successful brand campaign in minutes using unique tools including:

Multi-Objective Setting

Multi-Objective Setting

Optimize to more than just one KPI. Now select up to five goals from 10 available options and set priority levels, giving the predictive marketing models guidance to deliver the best results.

Verified Audience Goal

Verified Audience Goal

Reach the audience you want. Providing the age and gender audiences you want to reach, our AI finds those people by going beyond traditional methodologies like third-party data targeting or contextual targeting.

Forecasting Tool

Forecasting Tool

Know before you go. Before your first ad even runs, you can get an estimate on the budget you need and the audiences to target to be successful.

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