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Open Ad Management lets you deliver your best campaigns ever.

Sizmek is open

Sizmek is open

We’re the ad platform that won’t restrict you, won’t shackle your brand to one vendor, and won’t trap your data in a silo. 

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What makes Sizmek different?

Sizmek brings freedom of choice to end-to-end advertising. 

We work with brand marketers, agencies, publishers, and trading desks to build and target ads to reach audiences across the globe, connect with the right audiences across channels, both programmatic and direct.

With Sizmek, you choose the tools that fit your strategy with our flexible integrations. 
We let you do it all, through any channel, on any device.

  • Build, deliver, and analyze your entire strategy with our complete ad management platform.
  • Choose from dozens of innovative display advertising capabilities and formats.
  • Connect all the pieces of your programmatic strategy.
  • Build, serve, analyze, and optimize outstanding mobile ads, on any device.
  • Deliver innovative and engaging omnichannel video advertising.
  • Put your data to work for you, no matter what source it comes from, to deliver the most relevant ads for your customers and verify your deliver.
  • Create hundreds of thousands of versions with dynamic creative.
  • Get mobile programmatic right, with industry leader StrikeAd by Sizmek.
  • For any piece of your strategy, access epic customer support.

Open your horizons with Sizmek. Contact us today to learn more.

Meet MDX-NXT, Our Next-Gen Ad Server

Meet MDX-NXT, Our Next-Gen Ad Server

MDX-NXT helps you differentiate your brand, build personalized experiences, and drive performance.

Learn About MDX-NXT

Learn why Sizmek means epic support.

Get the job done with seamless management for local and global campaigns on any channel or vertical.

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Get to Know Our Team

Get to Know Our Team

Our team is made up of leaders in the field dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of ad tech..

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Get fresh insights into the state of ad tech.

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