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Welcome to Sizmek

Come on in. The door is open. 

Hello! Welcome to Sizmek.

We take the complexity out of your day – and your campaigns. 

Sizmek fuels digital advertising campaigns for advertisers and agencies around the world with the most cutting-edge technology to engage audiences across any screen. For the last 15 years, Sizmek has proudly pioneered industry firsts in digital, including rich media, video and online targeted advertising across channels. Just to name a few. 

Today, our open ad management stack provides all the sophistication for the most creative and impactful multi-screen digital campaigns: across mobile, display, rich media, video and social. Radiating throughout the Sizmek MDX platform is a data engine so powerful, it defies imagination. The result: previously unimaginable levels of campaign optimization and targeting across creative, media, audience and context. 

Simply, wow. 

We live in the marketer’s world. We don’t build gadgets or spaceships (although that would be fun). What we do is arm agencies and brands with a super sharp toolset to deliver the most creative and competitive campaigns out there. Your success is our success. 

At Sizmek, we have a global heart, and it’s always pulsing. We have nearly 900 humans across 48 countries, 24 hours a day, dedicated to the foundations of your digital campaigns.

Be bold. Be confident. See and be seen. 


Our vision, your future

Advertising is about people: where they live, what they do, who they are – and reaching and engaging those people with messages they understand. In this industry, one-size does not fit all. We embrace diversity; it’s the lifeblood of our campaigns, and our lives.

For marketers in this diverse universe, the Sizmek MDX platform integrates all the layers of an advertising management platform, and delivers the flexibility our customers – and their clients - demand. Today, over 5,000 agencies around the world tap into Sizmek MDX every day for the most impactful multi-screen creative advertising.

Our door is always open. And so is our platform. 


Channel your inner control freak

We take pride in giving advertisers and agencies the control they desire, with Sizmek service along the way. That means everything from media decisioning and ad delivery context to creative content, and the audience it reaches. Regardless of the audience profile, screen, or message, we ensure all of your digital media investments are exactly where they need to be to maximize campaign performance and ROI.


Oh, so smooth workflow

Leave the pain points of ad execution behind; we bring efficiency and elegance to workflows by reducing the complexity in the management of your digital media. We help agencies easily scale the size of your accounts, without the added overhead. Our Sizmek MDX platform simplifies the hundreds of details involved in digital media, which translates into increased relevance and continued engagement with new audiences, with even more compelling content.

We’re here to make your lives a little simpler.


And how do we do all that? 

Easy. We build technologies to address the core beliefs of digital.

All screens, all media. 

In the world of connected screens, we serve all the channels advertisers and marketers need to successfully engage their audiences, across all media investments: Video, Mobile, Social and Display.

Sophisticated and independent.

Our platform, Sizmek MDX, gives advertisers one, holistic source that contains all of the core capabilities of campaign execution: Campaign Management, Dynamic Creative, Media Decisions, Attribution, Verification, and of course, Analytics.

Data drives success.

We help advertisers achieve - and exceed - their goals by using data to find the most powerful and rewarding combinations of audience, creative content, and the context of the ad delivery. 

What's New in APAC?

  • Sizmek, comScore, Nielsen partner for performance metrics

    July 22, 2014

    Ad management firm Sizmek has partnered with comScore and Nielsen for audience measurement data. The data will be available, on a subscription basis, on a new analytics platform within Sizmek's overall offering, dubbed Audience Suite.

    Read more at Digital Market Asia

  • Happy birthday, cookie, here's a new topping

    June 30, 2014

    In this piece by Carolyn Bollaci, Sizmek's VP of ANZ, she talks about the limitations caused by cookie and how 'device intelligence' could be the solution.

    Read more at Marketing Mag

  • How AirAsia's dynamic creative push delivered higher ROI in Indonesia

    June 30, 2014

    Indonesia AirAsia was looking to go beyond standard retargeting to create a more personalised ad experience. In addition to looking for a way to create multiple ad versions on a short time frame, it also wanted higher ROI.

    Read more at Digital Market Asia

  • Sizmek Benchmark Reports 2014

    Sizmek's annual Benchmarks Report, detailing the key trends in digital advertising over the last year is finally here.

    The report, called “Breaking Boundaries: Engagement Gone Global”, was compiled by an analysis of more than 913 billion ad impressions worldwide for 2013. 

    Read more | Download now

  • Zenith Malaysia and Celcom Partners with Sizmek to Launch First Rich Media Social Campaign in Asia

    Zenith Malaysia has partnered with Sizmek to help its client Celcom – a Malaysia based telecom operator - in launching its premium plan First Elite via the first rich media social campaign in Asia.

    Read more at Digital Market Asia

  • Sizmek Sizzles at Festival of Media Asia

    The APAC team attended the prestigious event in Singapore alongside with Taz Patel, CRO of Sizmek's Republic Project, who delivered an excellent educational presentation on social to 80 high level attendees.

    Taz's session was recorded and can be viewed here and he also had a cameo appearance in FOM's day 1 recap!

Research & Case Studies

  • Preventing Wasted Delivery whitepaper

    Online ads have come a long way in the past couple decades and advertisers face more complexity than ever. Added to this is the challenge of ensuring an advertiser’s digital media investment isn't eroded by fraudulent, malicious, or unintended delivery of impressions – the primary currency of digital media

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  • Indonesia AirAsia Case Study

    Sizmek Dynamic Creative take retargeting ROI to new altitude for Indonesia AirAsia

    Read more

  • Australia Consumer Electronics Case Study

    This case study highlights how a global consumer electronics company engaged its creative and media agencies to develop mass reach and awareness about its line of camera products through Sizmek personalization.

    Download the case study

  • AirAsia Zest Philippines Case Study

    AirAsia Zest broke new ground in the Philippine online advertising industry by being the first in the country to use Sizmek Vantage (formerly known as Smart Trading) capabilites

    Download the case study

  • Edith Cowan University Australia Case Study

    Applications soar at Edith Cowan University thanks to the retargeting power of Dynamic Creative 

    Read more

  • Citibank Malaysia Case Study

    Citibank boosts conversions by 40%+ and cuts production time in half with Dynamic Creative

    Download the case study


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