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Sizmek Social

Yes, we know you start your day with a cup of coffee and a side of status updates.

With social embedded into the fabric of our daily lives, brands and advertisers must find a way to not only communicate with their target audiences, but engage with them as well. Their marketing strategies need to achieve an array of campaign objectives, from lead generation to user acquisition and branding. 

It’s a good thing social is part of our brand DNA.

Sizmek is the technology partner to manage, deliver, and track your advertising on the social platforms where your audiences live. Sizmek’s social toolset creates value for advertisers looking for compelling control of their social media advertising programs.

SocialFire, your social campaign fuel

Sizmek is proud to offer SocialFire to fuel  your social campaigns. 

Directly connect brands with users using our SocialFire rich media formats which perform and engage across all screens. Not just that, these rich media posts are fully shareable in their interactive form across Facebook, Twitter  and other social networks.

With our intuitive and easy-to-use creative production  toolset, advertisers can build and deliver engaging multi-screen campaigns on social platforms in a fraction of the time normally required to execute rich media campaigns.  

Social Measurement

Sizmek is proud to be the first ad technology company certified to measure the performance of all Facebook advertising products. Beyond impressions and clicks, you can also track user conversions on the world's largest social network.

Sizmek's social media marketing solution tracks billions of impressions and clicks on social sites across channels - and brings them into the larger campaign picture. In our reports, social activity is classified as a separate channel, so you can analyze data independently and understand its relationship to conversions.

For more on Sizmek Analytics, click here.

Programmatic Social Solution. Sizmek Trading enables media buying and retargeting on the Facebook Exchange (FBX), a seamless solution with other programmatically purchased display inventory. Of course, creative development and reporting are managed within the award-winning Sizmek MDX platform.

We get social

We will help you increase your Social intelligence. Sizmek tracks billions of impressions and clicks on social sites across channels – with results that are integrated into the larger display campaign picture. 

Get there faster. Sizmek Social - a Facebook-certified solution - powers rich media units that you can embed directly within Facebook and Twitter feeds and bring video, photos, live stream content, store locator and purchase information directly to consumers.

Maximize social efficiencies. Leverage Sizmek campaign management for all FBX ads, use Sizmek cookie pools to retarget users and track conversions and P2C to best understand Facebook and social site contributions to overall performance objectives.

Bring social into the larger display equation. In our reports, social activity is classified as a separate channel, letting you analyze data independently and understand its contribution to overall branding and direct response objectives.

SXSW Social Rich Media Case Study

May 20, 2014

This campaign enabled Sizmek to both promote itself at SXSW and inspire new campaigns by spotlighting the innovative ways advertisers can use rich media and social together to create unprecedented ad experiences.

View Study

Creative audit can take up to 2 business days. In an event the creative is rejected and feedback is given for revision, we recommend sending creatives at least a week prior to launch. To avoid these rare instances, it’s important that your creative team follow the specs and guidelines and check back regularly for updates. Please keep in mind that creative specs may vary across platforms, publishers and markets. So please consult with your Trading team for additional info that’s not listed below.

All banner ad calls and placement tags must be called from a secure server.  If unsecure ad calls exist and unsecure placement tags are trafficked, the ad will be SSL disapproved during DSP audit and will not be permitted to run across premium inventory.


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