Programmatic Data (Peer39)

Data that gets your brand, and protects your brand.

Programmatic Data (Peer39)

Never compromise your brand

We look after your ads. With dimension and context real-time bidding (RTB) inventory, your ads are in the most safe, appropriate and relevant environment with Sizmek Programmatic Data. And it’s all cookie-free.

We provide knowledge at scale. Our semantic analysis technology dynamically classifies web pages - providing immediate information in real-time about each page before a bid decision is made. We analyze content holistically, using words, patterns of words and predictive technology to understand page meaning.

Sizmek is the industry’s largest provider of data for ad decisions. By processing more than 60 billion ad impressions every day, we classify nearly 95% of all RTB inventory at page-level. Attributes are available in nine languages.

No keywords, blacklists or panels

Our data is contextual, which means we derive the actual meaning of content, not simply whether or not a blocked keyword appears. This allows for the most precise results for content classification, delivering the most effective brand safety, quality and targeting solutions by processing every page individually.

We preemptively target towards content that indexes well against your defined audience, and preemptively protect by blocking inappropriate content  - based on actual content meaning.

We have solutions designed for the unique needs of customers throughout the programmatic space. Agencies and direct advertisers get the best, most sophisticated and most customizable brand protection, content targeting and content quality solution available. Publishers receive greater insight into the performance of content based on content meaning, not site/section levels, as well as the ability to directly sell custom brand safety to advertiser clients.

Attributes are available on all major buying platforms.

Real-time action

Our fully customizable solution allows you to set safety parameters for your ads, applied at the page level, which are available at standard; industry; event; and brand levels. We can even create and deploy custom attributes within two days. Quality attributes provide information on the type of content and structure of a page which adds to the overall environment around the ad unit. These attributes include viewability & ad count; fraud & transparency and page content & structure. Fully aligned with IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines, our targeting attributes are built on semantic classification, providing both topic- and context-based targeting.

We provide industry-leading video attributes. Emerging ad formats such as video often include an unfortunate number of sub-standard placements. In addition to page-level information, we provide player-level placement quality information for video campaigns.

Creative audit can take up to 1 business day. In an event the creative is rejected and feedback is given for revision, we recommend sending creatives at least a week prior to launch. To avoid these rare instances, it’s important that your creative team follow the specs and guidelines and check back regularly for updates. Please keep in mind that creative specs may vary across platforms, publishers and markets. So please consult with your Trading team for additional info that’s not listed below.


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