Programmatic Data (Peer39)

Data that gets your brand, and protects your brand.

Programmatic Data (Peer39)

Peer39 is the most reliable, scalable way to ensure your ads land on the pages you want.

Through the four pillars of Brand Safety, Context, Ad Fraud, and Placement Quality, we enable buyers to access--and sellers to provide--the safest, highest-quality, most relevant page environments for advertisers.

  • More reliable: semantic analysis of every single page means more accurate targeting

  • Providing dimension and context for approximately 90% of programmatic inventory

  • Large global distribution footprint, with custom categories in 40 languages and semantically classifying content for 9 languages

  • Cookie-free, data in real time guarantees instant responsiveness to changing content

Our proprietary algorithm analyzes page content semantically, which means that--unlike keywords--we can determine the actual meaning of each of the 70 billion pages we process each day.

If you’re a buyer, whether you’re looking to target niche content or ensure that your brand is safe from questionable content, you can use our 300+ categories to help you reach your audience in the most appropriate context.

If you’re a seller, we leverage our scale and sophisticated classification algorithm to help you organize and better monetize your constantly changing inventory.

Brand Safety

Standard: Peer39 by Sizmek evaluates each page to identify objectionable content like drugs, gambling, and mature in order to ensure a safe environment for your brand.

Industry: We identify content negative to particular industries. Are you an airline? Stay away from articles about plane crashes. Are you a pharmaceutical? Stay away from articles about animal testing.

Events: Bad things happen. How we deal with it is what separates us from our competitors. Use event-based targeting to avoid recent scandals, political controversies, and other trending content you’d rather not be associated with.

Custom: If there’s a topic in particular you want to stay away from, whether it’s brand-related, industry-related, event-related, or any other unique situation, our team of experts can create a custom category in no time.  Our typical turnaround is just 48 hours!


Standard: Peer39 by SIzmek has 300+ standard attributes that allow marketers to choose relevant content for targeted messaging. And if you can’t quite find what you need, we’ll create a new category just for you.

Interest: Find your audience. Whether you want to reach retirees or high-end luxury spenders, our sophisticated interest-based categories make it easy to find the content your customers are consuming.  

Seasonal: Have an advertising budget for tax season? Looking to reach consumers searching for Thanksgiving recipes? Our seasonal categories provide highly targeted categories for the entire calendar.


Weather impacts purchase decisions and buying behavior.  With Peer39, you can target areas experiencing certain weather conditions in real time.

Raining outside? Let’s order in. Whether it’s heavy snow reminding you it’s time to take that vacation, or extreme heat that makes your mouth water for that cool six-pack, seeing an ad at the right time can affect buying decisions. Peer39’s weather targeting includes not only temperature and precipitation but also flu activity and pollen count.

Ad Fraud

We help you tackle the ghosts, bots, and bad placements.

Bot traffic: Peer39 by Sizmek automatically removes suspected fraudulent traffic based on known bots, and flags suspicious click and impression activity.  We cross-reference these patterns with a number of public and private data sources to help identify pages that have been built and put up specifically to defraud advertisers.

Spoofed-URLs: Simple blacklists often don’t cut it.  By creating a spoofed URL with a redirect, fraudulent sites sometimes masquerade as legitimate properties and are harder to detect. Peer39’s industry-leading fraud protection technology now gives buyers the ability to avoid bad sites, even if they are spoofed or masked as good ones.

Blind Inventory: Often placements are passed through multiple ad networks and have been masked or buried within nested iFrames. Since information about these pages is not visible to advertisers, this practice unfortunately gives room for fraudulent publishers to operate undetected.  With Peer39, make sure you only target transparent inventory.

Placement Quality

Viewability: Ads never seen are a waste.  With Peer39 ad viewability, you can target sites where ads have the best opportunity to be seen and use metrics like viewable CPM to appropriately value each bid.

Video: Make video count. Video often includes an unfortunate number of sub-standard placements, such as multiple video players, small thumbnails, and ad injections. To help ensure you get the premium placements you pay for, Peer39’s technology assesses not only the quality of the page but also attributes of the player.

Ad Count: With all the clutter online today, it’s hard to be heard - don’t make it harder. Making matters worse, pages with extremely high ad counts might even be fraudulent “ad farms.” To help you actively control your share of voice, Peer39 identifies how many ads are on a page.

User-Generated Content: Message boards, discussion groups, and sharing sites might be good places for a brand to advertise. Or they might not. With our quality filter for UGC, you choose.

Scale and Global Footprint

We analyze over 70 billion impressions daily - more than 30 times the competition.  And rather than rely on general tendencies of whole domains, we analyze every single individual page to determine context, covering approximately 90% of all programmatic inventory and classifying content into 40 languages.  

Semantics, Not Just Keywords

Whereas keywords have multiple meanings, our proprietary algorithm analyzes patterns of words holistically to understand a page’s meaning.  With Peer39 by Sizmek, you can use semantics, keywords, or both.

Creative audit can take up to 1 business day. In an event the creative is rejected and feedback is given for revision, we recommend sending creatives at least a week prior to launch. To avoid these rare instances, it’s important that your creative team follow the specs and guidelines and check back regularly for updates. Please keep in mind that creative specs may vary across platforms, publishers and markets. So please consult with your Trading team for additional info that’s not listed below.


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