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The IAB Filmstrip, created by Microsoft Advertising, is relevant for both the consumer and the creative community. Consumers get a content-rich interactive experience that doesn't interrupt their viewing of the page. Brands get a powerful canvas that combines five ads in one 300x600 unit.

Advertisers submit one 300x3000 Filmstrip with five different segments. The Filmstrip is then served via one 300x600 unit. Users can explore all segments simply by scrolling, hovering, or clicking on the creative.

Brands can align these five segments to the stages of the purchase funnel, or use them to tell any story in a completely new way.

How do you want to tell your story?

  • Ad sequencing: Tell your story sequentially chapter by chapter as the user explores different content pages.
  • Contextual mapping: Align each chapter of your story to a specific content environment.

And of course the user can always explore all panels of the IAB Filmstrip wherever your story begins.

You can download a set of Flash files below to see how a Filmstrip is built.

logic & source code

The source code has been made available for your reference.
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sample files

Flash (AS3)

additional information

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