Meet Sizmek

Meet Sizmek

Advertising made easy and effective...on your terms.

If you’re baking bread with six different ingredients, do you go to six different stores to buy them? Neither do we. Similarly, no one should have to navigate 15 different vendors and disparate systems to make an effective ad campaign.

Consolidation makes things easier. But you need to be able to choose the ingredients that make the best campaign for you - not be pressured to use what’s best for your vendor. It’s your “bread,” after all. 

Sizmek brings freedom of choice to end-to-end advertising. We combine the best technology, intelligence, and services that you deem most important to create inspiring, omnichannel advertising, drive exponential performance, and cultivate deeper relationships with customers around the world.

That’s open ad management. That’s the Sizmek effect.

When is "open" truly open?

Open. We all hear it a lot. Next time someone claims it, ask them what they really mean. To us, it means:

Freedom of choice: This is your business. These are your customers. The decisions around what to use to connect to them should be yours too. Choose the solutions that best fit your needs — whether they’re ours, our partners’, or yours — and maintain control. 

End to end: Our powerhouse platform, open by design, gives you access to the widest range of solutions on the market — from attribution to cross-device tracking to audience measurement — all in one place. 

Independence: Only a third party can provide trusted, accurate measurement of how your campaign is performing because a third party isn’t motivated by selling its own media. 

World-class service: Ultimately, truly servicing a client means working with you to help you solve big problems and achieve your goals, no matter what it takes. Our people have focused on 365/24/7 service for more than 15 years — and we’ve been recognized among the best in the industry

What else you need to know about us…

We work with more than 3,400 agencies, over 17,000 brand advertisers, and 22,000 global web publishers, and serve ads in more than 70 countries. 

We have nearly 900 humans across 48 countries dedicated to helping you make better digital campaigns.

We are the world’s largest independent third-party ad server. Period.

We help clients do pretty much everything across the digital advertising spectrum: build and target ads, manage and activate data, buy media, manage and evaluate campaigns, and more.

Go ahead - ask us anything. We’re open.  

You deserve a global ad platform that works on any device and offers real-time
intelligence on your campaign performance.