Meet Sizmek

Meet Sizmek

Come on in. The door is open.

Hello! Welcome to Sizmek.

We take the complexity out of your day – and your campaigns. 

Sizmek fuels digital advertising campaigns for advertisers and agencies around the world with the most cutting-edge technology to engage audiences across any screen. For the last 15 years, Sizmek has proudly pioneered industry firsts in digital, including rich media, video and online targeted advertising across channels. Just to name a few. 

Today, our open ad management stack provides all the sophistication for the most creative and impactful multi-screen digital campaigns: across mobile, display, rich media, video and social. Radiating throughout the Sizmek MDX platform is a data engine so powerful, it defies imagination. The result: previously unimaginable levels of campaign optimization and targeting across creative, media, audience and context. 

Simply, wow. 

We live in the marketer’s world. We don’t build gadgets or spaceships (although that would be fun). What we do is arm agencies and brands with a super sharp toolset to deliver the most creative and competitive campaigns out there. Your success is our success. 

At Sizmek, we have a global heart, and it’s always pulsing. We have nearly 900 humans across 48 countries, 24 hours a day, dedicated to the foundations of your digital campaigns.

Be bold. Be confident. See and be seen. 

Our vision, your future

Advertising is about people: where they live, what they do, who they are – and reaching and engaging those people with messages they understand. In this industry, one-size does not fit all. We embrace diversity; it’s the lifeblood of our campaigns, and our lives.

For marketers in this diverse universe, the Sizmek MDX platform integrates all the layers of an advertising management platform, and delivers the flexibility our customers – and their clients - demand. Today, over 5,000 agencies around the world tap into Sizmek MDX every day for the most impactful multi-screen creative advertising.

Our door is always open. And so is our platform. 

Channel your inner control freak

We take pride in giving advertisers and agencies the control they desire, with Sizmek service along the way. That means everything from media decisioning and ad delivery context to creative content, and the audience it reaches. Regardless of the audience profile, screen, or message, we ensure all of your digital media investments are exactly where they need to be to maximize campaign performance and ROI.

Oh, so smooth workflow

Leave the pain points of ad execution behind; we bring efficiency and elegance to workflows by reducing the complexity in the management of your digital media. We help agencies easily scale the size of your accounts, without the added overhead. Our Sizmek MDX platform simplifies the hundreds of details involved in digital media, which translates into increased relevance and continued engagement with new audiences, with even more compelling content.

We’re here to make your lives a little simpler.

And how do we do all that?

Easy. We build technologies to address the core beliefs of digital.

All screens, all media. 

In the world of connected screens, we serve all the channels advertisers and marketers need to successfully engage their audiences, across all media investments: VideoMobile, Social and Display.

Sophisticated and independent.

Our platform, Sizmek MDX, gives advertisers one, holistic source that contains all of the core capabilities of campaign execution: Campaign Management, Dynamic Creative, Media Decisions, Attribution, Verification, and of course, Analytics.

Data drives success.

We help advertisers achieve - and exceed - their goals by using data to find the most powerful and rewarding combinations of audience, creative content, and the context of the ad delivery. 

Where in the world are we?

Global is our heritage. We have focused on building our digital footprint since day one. Not with massive call centers thousands of miles away, but by investing in people in the market. And it’s all to help marketers extend beyond borders.

Sizmek has offices in 48 countries, and a worldwide network of nearly 900 employees, every one of them dedicated, sipping coffee somewhere in the world right now. 

Love that quirky name. Where did ‘Sizmek’ come from?

Like a beloved child, we have had a few names along the way.

Our new Sizmek story started with a simple concept: intuition, a form of ‘confident knowing’ that joins insight with sensation. Next, we looked to a phonetic meeting point of East meets West with the Turkish language. ‘Sezmek’ is the word for ‘to be intrigued’ in Turkish.

We took the next leap to ‘sizmek’, a word both distinctively new and easily recognizable by its powerful English homonym, seismic, meaning enormous proportions and highly significant consequences.

Welcome to Sizmek. And thanks for stopping by. 

Everything an advertiser or agency would ever need, or want. It’s all here.

The 6 Pillars of the Sizmek Ad Stack 

1) Campaign Management. Where the marketer meets the platform, this layer has all the essential services for campaign management connected through the art of elegant workflow. The campaign process is enhanced by a number of creative tools and plug-ins, compatible with Flash and HTML5. These tools will help provide the right creative, whether by size, format, channel, or as part of a dynamic creative option. Another key focus, Analytics, leverages data to help measure performance through more than 150 different performance metrics.

2) Marketing Channels. Campaigns everywhere are expected to be multi-screen, but many advertisers fall short by taking a channel by channel approach to their campaign. We provide advertisers a way to target their audience, regardless of the screen, and often in a more synchronized fashion. Targeting individual channels has its own advantages, but putting them together for a multi-screen campaign results in exceptional performance. The key channels in this layer include, display, rich media, video, mobile, social, email, website and affiliate.

3) Media Decisioning.Reaching the right audience is where the money should rightfully be spent. This is where we help advertisers achieve their brand and direct response goals. Recent advancements like RTB and programmatic technology have changed some of the fundamentals in how media is evaluated. This layer has seen some dramatic change in how and what data is used to optimize media buys, either in real-time or through direct/programmatic. We expect to see the most development in surfacing the correct data for media decisioning over the next few years, as advertisers move towards greater campaign optimization (creative, audience, context, media).

4) Data Collection. Data requires control, but also the flexibility to work with the many other sources determined by the advertiser. Our data collection brings these disparate sources of data together either for further analysis or for quick and real-time decision making. The sources include: ad-serving, device, user (DMP), page level, site, real-time, publisher, CRM, web and social listening. Cross-device data is another critical component here, helping advertisers deliver the right message to the right person - on the right device.

5) Analytics. This stack betters a campaign - and the people working on it. Performance metrics contain the answer to that typical ROI question. Verification, in turn, will show advertisers exactly what they paid for. We need to connect with the right audiences in multiple ways, and through attribution we can better understand how it all works. Targeting is critical and being able to build segments that transport across a multi-screen landscape, just as good. And campaigns growing in both sophistication and scale have only just begun to see the enormous benefits of dynamic creative. What’s more, our substantial and data-driven services offer the greatest opportunity for industry collaboration.

6) Infrastructure. It’s not just plumbing for campaigns. At Sizmek, our infrastructure means that advertisers can address their changing needs as they target audiences. We have the scale, flexibility, connectivity, and partitioning to protect growing privacy concerns. And it’s all easily integrated, for our customers and partners access the heart of the platform.


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